Ho'oponopono Harmonising Circle


Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian tradition for personal development; meaning ‘to set things right’. It encourages full personal responsibility for all aspects of one’s life.  Ho’oponopono is done in a group context (Ho’oponopono Harmonising Circle) where the effect is amplified and most profoundly affects the subconscious – where all our issues are stored. It is designed to be practised by one’s self to help ‘clear’ difficult issues.

HHC helps to create shifts, witness and release stuck emotions, unwind painful emotions and feelings in a safe place. It’s about forgiving ourselves and others, about being emotionally honest, speaking from the heart, changing belief systems, manifesting alignment and becoming congruent to who we really are. HHC helps us to be real with people, in a compassionate presence while connecting to source/inspiration. It is about erasing data and memories that are holding us back and stopping the memory replaying the same situation with different people.


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