The 5 Awakenings Sequence - a
healing to erase the effects of
bullying, trauma and abuse


The 5 Awakenings Sequence

is an innovative form of energy medicine combined with play therapy which facilitates full recovery from distressing effects caused by trauma, stress, fear, abuse or bullying.

Safe and empowering, the therapy involves 5 simple energy related movements and is producing remarkable responses.

Trauma and abuse in childhood does not have to be a limiting, lifetime experience and successful outcomes include children as young as 3 years of age.


Group Meditations

 £10 per person including refreshments

Many of us suffer some kind of anxiety or stress in our busy lives.  With the help of a beautiful guided angel healing meditation, it is possible to eradicate fear and tension, receiving angel blessings to ease your worries.

Come and meet with other likeminded people and experience the calm it can bring to you and your wellbeing.

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Deep Cleansing with Archangel Michael and the Violet Flame

£25 per person

During this workshop we will call forth Archangel Michael and his Legions of Angels to help in the severing of all karmic ties and to perform a powerful Triple Grid Cleansing to spin out any past life memories, disharmony and anything else that needs to be cleansed in order to prepare for the next part of life’s journey to enjoy a karma free existence.

We will be infused with the beautiful, positive energies of pure unconditional love, travelling to the 7th Dimensional Ashram of the Violet Flame where our energies will be cleansed with the new heightened vibrations of the Violet Flame of Transmutation.

The Violet Flame is a gift to the Earth that can help you to transform your life for the better!

Archangel Michael’s Abundance and Manifestation Workshop

£45 per person

During this workshop, which will include exercises and guided meditations, allow the angels to help truly bring your dreams into reality by taking you through the steps to manifest all the desires of your heart and soul.  The workshop will include an extremely powerful karma clearing, cord cutting and DNA activation to help clear blocks. 


You will be guided to see yourself as you would really like to be with all your requirements fulfilled and then be shown how the Angels are here to support you in bringing this into reality.  You will be taught a manifesting technique using the breath that takes just two minutes a day to practise. 

Come along and make your dreams come true!

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